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Perry Trinier

1621 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Perry Trinier 1621 days ago
  • Level up: Cross-dependent classes, tired of DIY, not sure where to add event bindings or other DOM-related code
1747 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Perry Trinier , Roufa Therrien , Meaghan Bent 1747 days ago
Perry T As part of what is returned from the navigator.geolocation.getCurrentLocation() method, for mobile devices speed is returned in metres per second
File Input & File Reader
File input is now supported in iOS6. Clicking input[type="file"] brings up selection from the camera roll. 
  1. create a webpage with 1 file input and 1 canvas.
  1. use the file input to select a photo from the camera roll
  1. Use JS FileReader() to read the file
Code on github
Perry T deviceorientation event returns webkitCompassHeading (number of degrees relative to north) and webkitCompassAccuracy.
Camera / WebRTC
Roufa T RTC = Real Time Communications
Meaghan B Allows you to stream video via live stream through HTML5 and eliminates the reliance on Flash (thank goodness :). Create a peer 1-1 connection.
HTML greenscreen is the coolest thing.
Perry T Camera access uses getUserMedia()
Roufa T Mobile - available on Opera 
Meaghan B Recording is still in development, however, Wes said that you could take pictures and compile them in Ffmpeg software. http://www.ffmpeg.org/
Roufa T Summary
Second to last slide has "technology review" of what was covered - useful reference 
1745 days ago

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